Save yourself from boring clothes and retail prices:

   S E L L     Y O U R     C L O T H E S     &     A C C E S S O R I E S     W I T H     U S

What We Take

We selectively buy men's and women's in-season, trendy clothing and accessories on a walk-in basis. What we need is based on style, condition, season, brand and our inventory levels. We mainly focus on designer labels, but we do take some modern and vintage items. To make an appointment, please email or call us at (617) 396-7101.

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What You Need

Your items should be in a washed and wearable condition, with no visible damage or stains. We ask that all items be folded in a bag, suitcase or some sort of container. They do not need to be on hangers. Please limit yourself to 60 items or less each time you sell. You will need a valid license, passport or some other government-issued ID.

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How It Works

Our buyers go through your clothing item by item and decide what can sell for us. We usually price things around 30-40% of the original retail price, though this varies based on the style, condition, season, designer or rarity of the item. A cash amount is applied to what we can take in and then you can go home with money in your pocket that day!

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